About IYAA


While the rest of YES Alumni in other parts of the world have successfully established their own YES Alumni association some times earlier, just recently in 2009 Indonesian YES Alumni officially set up our own platform to gather all Indonesian YES Alumni in one place. IYAA –Indonesian YES Alumni Association, was established in October 9, 2009.

IYAA would like to be able to encourage and empower YES Alumni in Indonesia to give back to the community as they did once a while back during their exchange programs. Thus, we expect these future leaders do not only do something but also inspire, motivate, encourage and develop others in performing a meaningful action.

Just like other organizations, IYAA has its board of committee that set the bar high, so to say, to get all YES Alumni triggered to perform another community service. Currently in March 2012, new board of committee has just been elected. Waskito Jati, a class of 2009 YES Alumni, will be leading his committee throughout a two-year working period.

To mark his official inauguration, Waskito, as well as other board of committee, has brainstormed and agreed to launch IYAA’s first national project, Youth Movement for National Book Drive. This project would be held in 18 chapters of Bina Antarbudaya throughout Indonesia.


YES Alumnus Chosen for Indonesian Young Ambassador for Canada World Youth

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YES Alumnus Won HiLo Green Ambassador 2013

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Indonesian YES Alumni Association (IYAA) Held its Annual Meeting

On Thursday April 11, 2013, Board of Member of Indonesian YES Alumni Association (IYAA) and the Chapter Coordinators from 14 different cities in Indonesia gathered for its annual meeting in Sentul, Bogor, Indonesia. This meeting is held annually to strengthen the organization function through meetings, project planning, and interaction between one another. IYAA Board of … Continue reading

Yes Alumni Story, A Fighter for Cultural Preservation

“If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.” – JFK, American 35th US President  Muhammad Ahlul Amri Buana (Ahlul) is YES alumni 2007/2008, hosted in Ohio. Currently he is studying Law in Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is the Founder of La Galigo For … Continue reading

Semarang Presentation: By Doni Achsan in Magelang

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Semarang Presentation: Kartika and Nasita in Surakarta

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